Confetti Dots Wall Decal

Confetti Dots Wall Decal
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Jennifer C
Aug 27, 2014
If you are looking for an awesome way to decorate your home, office, baby nursery, child's room....check out Wall scrolls that look so much better than what they sell in the store! They actually appear to be painted right on your wall! I looked into Trading Phrases and wanted to place an order for several different things that you just cannot find anywhere else. I walked into my insurance company to pay a bill one day and personalized wall design they had hanging and it looked perfect. I asked where they got it, as I had seen some that have been applied to the wall with a sticky film around them, but this one didn’t have that. They ordered from Trading Phrases. This confirmed for me that this was the ONLY place to order such an awesome product from. I scrolled through the catalog and there wasn’t much they didn’t offer. Anything they didn’t have, they are willing to design or personalize to meet your needs! I saw one that said Moose Lake and about fell over. So perfect for my family’s “home away from home”. To my photographer friends, this would be awesome with all of your successful photo shoots and this would allow you an opportunity to recommend something so unique and personal to your customers which would only add to your artistic work! We just hung ours on our bedroom wall and it looks awesome! This is a great and artistic way to personalize your space. The company has awesome customer service and also great sales promotions. Our order was shipped to us in two days! It was so easy to apply to the wall and we will continue to order from this company for several different rooms in our home. They offer a wide range of color options to meet any of your needs! I highly recommend Trading Phrases.
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